Algae & Waterline Stain Remover for Boats

  • Incredible Spray & Wipe Formulation!
  • Works quickly on boat stains from algae, wet leaves, moss and tannins.
  • Even cleans the Chesapeake Bay and ICW “beard”.
  • Non-toxic boat cleaner .... safe to use on boats with gelcoat, paint and painted aluminum. And safe on us!

Bird & Spider Droppings Boat Stain Remover

  • Quickly removes Bird Poop & Spider dropping stains from all boat surfaces.
  • Works great on Vinyl Siding too!!

Boat Exhaust & Black Streak Stain Remover for Boats

  • Deep cleaning action to remove black streaks on boats.
  • Removes stubborn black streaks on boats & all petroleum based stains, including gas and diesel exhaust residual.
  • No harsh chemicals!

Boat Polish

Boat Brite boat polish is a non-toxic, easy to use marine boat polish that will protect your boat throughout the year.

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Can be applied with a wet or dry applicator (see demo video)
  • Can be applied in direct sun
  • Fast and easy application
  • Leaves Season Long Protection
  • Works great on cars and trucks, too

Boat Mold & Mildew Remover / Preventer

  • Boat mold cleaner that attacks and removes mold on boats
  • Remains active for months inhibiting the growth of new mold spores
  • Eliminates all organic mold and mildew odours

"A true breakthrough product."

Boat Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover

The Boat Brite boat water spot remover quicky liquefies stubborn calcium deposits and all other hard water/mineral spots and buildup on all marine surfaces, including boat hulls, outdrives, clear vinyl enclosures and glass.

Also works great on saltwater buildup.

Boat Mold Remover and Wax Remover

  • Quick Boat Mold Removal and Wax Release
  • The Detailers Choice for Complete removal of old imbedded wax.
  • A Richer, Swirl-Free Polished Finish is Achieved.

Boat Vinyl & Leather Cleaner

The Detailers Choice for cleaning boat Vinyl & Leather Seats, Cushions, Sun Decks and Vinyl Tops.