Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner


Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner is specifically formulated for Diesel, Petrol and Two-stroke fuel systems to clean gums, varnish and carbon deposits, disburse moisture, kill and disburse microbial material whilst increasing lubricity.

The by-products of Fuel Doctor’s formulation are increased thermal efficiency equating to a nominal increase in power, economy plus a decrease in particulate (unburnt fuel).

Fuel Doctor breaks fuel contaminants into sub-micron particles allowing them to pass safely and harmlessly through the fuel system to combustion, with no detrimental effects to fuel pumps, injectors catalytic converters or particulate filters.

Fuel Doctor will stabilise and extend fuel storage life for up to twenty four months for petrol and five years for diesel.

  • Achieve maximum power
  • Optimal fuel economy
  • Prevents fuel system contamination
  • Eliminates "Fuel Bugs"
  • Reduces emissions
  • One product for all fuels

Why should I buy now?

Every time you fill up, you take the risk of dirty fuel causing damage to your fuel system. Each tank of fuel you buy could contain enough water to flood your common rail direct injection system, as it only takes around 30ml. Yes as little as a shot glass! That top up on the way home from the shops could have just enough water and contaminants in it to completely ruin your engine.

When comparing the price of Fuel Doctor to the replacement cost of fuel pumps and injectors, Fuel Doctor becomes essential in quality assuring every litre of fuel you buy.

Every tank of fuel is potentially adding to the existing gunge and muck in the bottom of your fuel tank and increasing the level of contamination in the fuel passing through your engine.

The sooner you treat and maintain your fuel tank and system with Fuel Doctor, the sooner you can prevent further damage from dirty fuel and fill your tank with the confidence of knowing you’re protected.

Fuel Doctor is economical

Fuel Doctor’s concentrated conditioner is extremely economical. A maintenance application costs less than one cent per treated litre of fuel. Its true value is reflected in rectifying and preventing fuel system and engine failure.


Before AND After treatment

Fuel Doctor keeps the air cleaner

Fuel Doctor’ maintains fuel efficiency and engine performance by keeping the fuel system clean and dry. Improved injector and valve efficiency promotes optimum combustion that reduces unburnt fuel leading to improved power, performance and life of your engine.

VMS Mobile Fuel Cleaning Service

Using Fuel Doctor

Utilising Fuel Doctor as the primary treatment product, VMS offers a comprehensive Mobile Fuel Cleaning Service providing:

  • Fuel System Maintenance
  • Fuel Polishing
  • Fuel Testing Reports and Quality Assurance
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning
  • Fuel Removal
  • Pre-purchase Fuel System Appraisal

Fuel Doctor - New Zealand Outlets

Cater Marine
Opua Marina, Bay of Islands
Phone: 09 402 8292

Sailors Corner
Westhaven Marina, Auckland
Phone: 09 309 6153

Westpark Marine Chandlery
Phone: 09 416 9592

Marine Engineering Ltd
Waikawa Marina, Picton
Phone: 03 573 6477

Akaroa Auto Centre
55 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa,
Phone: 03 304 7053