DMS Marine Stabilisation Systems

For Powerboats and Yachts


NZ Marine Stabilisers is proud to be the New Zealand Distributor for DMS Holland, the international specialist in the field of motion control on board power boats and yachts.

We have a suitable solution for every type of vessel.

DMS MagnusMaster

A new generation rotor stabiliser – Rotor System 2.0 – for low-speed cruising and semi-displacement yachts up to 30 metres

You cannot compare the MagnusMaster with other conventional stabilisation systems due to its technical innovation and better results. This latest generation of rotor stabilisers provides roll damping at low speeds of 3 to 12 knots on yachts up to 30 metres. At speeds above 12 knots, the Magnus effect no longer increases and therefore the DMS MagnusMaster automatically retracts.


DMS Universal

Often, it is the control system itself for a yacht’s existing fin stabilisers that no longer works properly due to malfunction, age or because parts are no longer available. And if the fins themselves and the mechanical / hydraulic part still all work well, with years of potential operation still left in them, it is a shame to opt for a completely new and expensive roll damping system.

The correct solution is then to replace the defect controller only with the DMS Universal. A modern, digital control system developed by DMS Holland that features the latest technology, such as a CAN bus system, a colour touch screen and an electronic multi-term controller equipped with ingenious stabilisation algorithms.


DMS Anti Rolling Gyro

DMS Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) meets the high quality that is central to the DMS proposition: to guarantee the best of the best in terms of stabilisation to ensure that everyone’s stay on board is as carefree, comfortable and safe as possible with the risk of seasickness kept to a minimum. That’s how we continue to fulfill our promise: “Ahead in stabilisation.”


DMS AntiRoll

For low-speed cruising superyachts over 30 metres

This innovative roll damping system has been developed by DMS Holland and perfected together with renowned partners such as Marin, TNO and TU Delft.

Thanks to its unique dual-axis fins, which rotate while underway and make a flapping motion when the yacht is stationary (zero speed), DMS AntiRoll stabilises both underway and when the yacht is at anchor, without compromising on performance in either situation. The concept and operation of this ingenious system takes its inspiration from the fins of the blue whale. Due to the patent obtained for this way of roll damping, the system cannot and must not be replicated by others.



Maximum stabilisation for high speed yachts at zero speed, cruising speed and high speed.

DMS Holland is adding the finishing touches to the innovative DMS All-in-One fin stabilisers. There is no such unique system already out there on the market and this one is now being thoroughly tested by DMS Holland’s development department for performance, safety, user-friendliness, durability and quality. This innovation has been patented by DMS and the performance level makes the All-in-One a real game changer. The three functions in brief:

  • The DMS AntiRoll, the dual-axis fin stabiliser for the superyacht segment, patented by DMS Holland, forms the basis for the DMS All-in-One.
  • Its functionality is based on the same principle.
  • The addition of high speed stabilisation makes this new system a unique multi-functional, all-in-one stabiliser.

DMS all-in-one pic