Algae & Waterline Stain Remover

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Spray & Wipe Application Works quickly and easily on stubborn Algae & Waterline stains including the ICW Mustache.

  • Non toxic formula
  • Incredible Spray & Wipe Formulation!
  • Works quickly on boat stains from algae, wet leaves, moss and tannins.
  • Non-toxic boat cleaner …. safe to use on boats with gelcoat, paint and painted aluminum. And safe on us!
  • Meets EPA Clean Boating Programme

Spray Algae & Waterline Stain Remover onto surface – wait a few seconds and wipe stain away – rinse with water

Algae & Waterline Stain remover can also be sprayed onto an applicator (paper towel, cloth, etc) and just wipe away stain – rinse with water

For Heavy Algae Stains a second application may be necessary

Note: Algae & Waterline Stain Remover may streak antifouling paint.

Note: two coats of Captain John’s Boat Brite Polish at the waterline will seal your gelcoat and help prevent algae and vegetation from deep staining.

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450g, 3.8L

Directions for Use

  • Spray onto surface of boat and allow to sit for several minutes
  • Scrub the boat lightly with wet brush or scrubber sponge
  • Rinse with freshwater

Note: Heavy build-up may require longer dwell time or a second application
Note: Product may streak antifouling paint but WILL NOT remove it or compromise its performance!
Note: a coat of Boat Brite Boat Polish at the waterline will help reduce further fouling