Boat Exhaust & Black Streak Stain Remover

$40.00 inc GST


Deep cleaning action to remove black streaks on boats.

Removes stubborn black streaks on boats & all petroleum based stains, including gas and diesel exhaust residual.

No harsh chemicals!

  • Deep Cleaning Action
  • Instantly Removes Black Streaks from Boats
  • Removes Petroleum Based Black Streaks and Stains on Boats
  • Removes Gas & Diesel Exhaust Build-up Stains on Boats
  • No Harsh Chemicals

This product is non-toxic and utilizes chemistry specific to the removal of petroleum and petro-carbon based stains. The product will instantly remove Black Streak caused by the runoff of airborne pollution that has fallen to the decks and when liquefied by rain or dew, runs off the hulls at their drain channels. Additionally, this product will remove exhaust soot and raw fuel stains. (Note: this product is designed to remove recent diesel exhaust soot stains. Old stains may be deeply embedded into the surface and impervious to this product). Spray product directly onto Black Streaks or exhaust stains or spray onto applicator. Rub lightly and wipe away black streaks and/or stains. Rinse with clean water.

Directions for Use

Spray Boat Brite exhaust and black streak remover onto the surface of boat to be cleaned. Wipe the black streaks away with a soft cloth. Rinse surface with water.

For tough to reach areas, use a sponge mop or wrap a terry cloth towel around the end of a deck brush – spray Black Streak Remover onto your applicator and wipe the black streaks away. Rinse the surface with water.

Note: Boat Black Streak Remover will remove newer diesel exhaust stains. It will not remove old, embedded diesel exhaust stains.