Marine Boat Soap

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Yacht Shine Marine Boat Soap

“Professional Crew’s Choice”

Yacht Shine environmentally friendly Marine Boat Soap is formulated with high performance “green” surfactant technology and quickly loosens surface grime without redundant scrubbing.

  • Newest “Green” Boat Cleaner Technology
  • Reduces Boat Cleaning Time by 30%
  • Won’t Remove Boat Wax Finish
  • Non-Streak
  • All-Surface Safe
  • Completely Bio-degradable Boat Cleaner
  • Phosphate Butyl Free

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473 ml, 3.76 L

Directions for Use

Yacht Shine Marine Boat Soap is concentrated – 60 ml in a bucket of water will clean a 34″ Express (no measuring cup? – cover the rise on the bottom of the bucket).

Green boat cleaner formula gives you guilt-free overboard rinsing in any port. When cleaning clear vinyl enclosures first hose off to remove salt and other particulates. With a very wet applicator gently wash the clear vinyl and rinse well with freshwater. DO NOT ALLOW SOAPY WATER TO DRY ON CLEAR VINYL.

Always use a clean non-abrasive applicator free of tiny particles that will scratch clear vinyl. Start with a new lambswool wash mit or a microfiber mit (after cleaning clear vinyl allow designated mit to air dry- keep separate from other cleaning cloth).

For best protection of your clear vinyl enclosures apply Yacht Shine Phenomenon to new or freshly cleaned clear vinyl.