Boat Brite - Boat Polish

  • Very easy to use.
  • Can be left on for hours, even days & it easily wipes off.
  • Can be applied in the direct sun.
  • Leaves season-long shine & protection
  • Works great on cars and trucks, too
  • The polish can be applied with a wet or dry applicator

Have you ever noticed that the clean applicator you are using gets dirty quickly? HOW can that be... I just washed my boat? As with most waxes and polishes, Captain John’s Boat Brite® Polish has a mild cleaning agent in it. Dirt in the pores of the gel coat will be extracted and collected on the wet applicator. By rinsing the collected dirt off of the applicator, it will not be rubbed back onto the surface. The result will be a superior shine!


"My Captain John's Boat Brite Polish can be left on for hours,even days and still be wiped off with no extra effort. You can even apply it in direct sun light and get its legendary shine.”

Boat Polish - Instructions for Use

The polish can be applied with a wet or dry applicator. Apply with a wet applicator (especially for the first coatings of the season) Additional coats can be applied with a dry applicator- Wipe on/Wipe off

  1. Get a good applicator(preferably a sponge wrapped in terry cloth)
  2. Submerge the applicator in a bucket of water- Remove and squeeze excess water from the applicator
  3. Squirt a siver dollar size shot of polish onto the applicator
  4. Apply in straight strokes
  5. Prior to reloading the applicator with a fresh squirt of polish, submerge and swish it to release collected dirt.
  6. Repeat the process and put a coat of polish on the entire boat
  7. Allow the polish to dry and "cure' into the finish for at least 30 minutes
  8. When the polish has dried, wipe it off with a clean towel

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Watch a Boat Polish demonstration video

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