Yacht Shine - Phenomenon

Enjoy an Unrivaled Gloss and Long-Lasting Protection... faster and easier than any traditional wax or polish!!

A water-based blend of surface-enhancing ingredients and superior gloss additives, we present to you a product that will generate the highest level of appearance and protection for all your onboard solid surfaces - both interior and exterior - achieved faster and easier than any traditional wax or polish!

A simple light misting of the Phenomenon, spread with a clean microfiber cloth and lightly buffed dry will reveal a shine and a silky-smooth finish that you likely have not experienced.

Phenomenon fills and seals microscopic imperfections in gelcoat, paint and all solid surfaces significantly reducing the accumulation of dirt. This results in wash-down time reductions of nearly 50%.

Ready to Use and Excellent on All Solid Surfaces that are best kept with a high gloss and protection. These surfaces include:

  • Paint & Gelcoat
  • Varnished Woodwork
  • Glass & Mirrors
  • Granite & Marble
  • Metallics (brass, stainless, chrome and precious)
  • Clear Vinyl Enclosures

Phenomenon - Instructions for Use

  1. Surface needs to be clean & dry.
  2. Lightly spray YachtShine on the surface More than a light spray is a waste of product and takes more time to complete the job.
  3. With a clean microfiber cloth spread the liquid out over the surface covering as much as you can. Then with another clean microfiber cloth lightly buff –dry.
    Example: On a 4’x 4’ surface spray an “x” with the product. With the clean microfiber cloth spread to cover full 4’x 4’ area. Then wipe dry with the other clean, dry microfiber cloth. Done!
    Repeat process to finish full coverage of the boat, car, plane, etc
  4. Do Not Allow Phenomenon to dry on surface-if applying in direct sun do smaller areas.

Periodic re-application of the YachtShine Phenomenon will keep the gloss and protection intact indefinitely.

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