Boat Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover

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The Boat Brite boat water spot remover quicky liquefies stubborn calcium deposits and all other hard water/mineral spots and buildup on all marine surfaces, including boat hulls, outdrives, clear vinyl enclosures and glass.

Also works great on saltwater buildup.

  • Allows you to quickly wipe away boat hard water spots, mineral spots and dried salt water film build-up, from all onboard surfaces including clear vinyl enclosures and glass.
  • Breaks down and liquifies build-ups of calcium, magnesium, lime or salt – fast!
  • Extensively field tested in a variety of water conditions and regions with excellent results.

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946 ml, 3.8 L

Directions for Use

Please Take a Moment to Watch the Boat Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover Video for Application Techniques

As with most boat water spot remover cleaning products, it works better when used with water – be it on a wet surface, with a wet applicator or both. I suggest both when using the Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover… here’s why.

Have you ever sprayed a cleaning product onto a dry surface of a boat and it “streaks” the surface? This is due to the cleaning agents in the product emulsifying the surface dirt/residual while losing their battle against gravity – sliding down the surface – cleaning as they descend. If the surface is wet, the streaking is reduced as the water disperses the cleaner.

After years of using the Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover, the following are the instructions for achieving the best results… and the application method is shown in detail in the product video on the website.

1) Prepare a bucket of soapy water.

2) Use a blue “all-surface-safe” or “non-stick cookware-safe”, etc. sponge – these are available at drug and grocery stores. Scrub lightly using the soft side of the sponge for light duty buildup or the “scrubber” side of the sponge for significant buildup.

3) Wet the surface.

4) Spray product onto mineral buildup and allow it to sit on surface for a minute or two.

5) Wet your sponge with soapy water (sponge should be lightly wrung out so it is wet but not saturated and dripping water). Then spray some product onto the wet sponge. On a vertical surface immediately begin lightly scrubbing with your prepared applicator. On a flat surface (deck) pre-spray the buildup and follow with a soapy water wash-down with a deck brush.

NOTE: Be sure to rinse the boat decks well before cleaning to remove loose dirt but more importantly, so that the “drain channels” that run down the side of the hull are wet eliminating streaking as mentioned above.

6) After scrubbing, allow the soapy water & product to sit on the surface for a minute or two, and then rinse.

TIP: Lightly wipe the surface with the wet sponge or deck brush while simultaneously rinsing to assist in removing all the mineral buildup.

NOTE: Some mineral residual that has been on the surface for extended periods of time may need a 2nd application. I’m sorry to say but some mineral residual (iron) is very stubborn and impervious to the Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover.